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February 20 2017

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Billy Elliot (2000)
dir. Stephen Daldry

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Men like you can never change

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Ashton Kutcher tears up as he urges Senate to fight sex slavery



““This is about the time, when I talk about politics, that the Internet trolls tell me to stick to my day job,” the actor said. “I’d like to talk about my day job. My day job is the chairman and the co-founder of Thorn. We built software to fight human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. My other day job is that of the father of two, a 2-month old and 2-year-old.”

Kutcher, 39, shares daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri with wife Mila Kunis.

He then described joining the FBI in raids in India, Russia, Mexico and stateside in New Jersey and New York.

“I’ve seen things that no person should ever see,” he said, tearing up. “I’ve seen video content of a child that is the same age as mine being raped by an American man that was a sex tourist in Cambodia. This child was so conditioned by her environment that she thought she was engaging in play.”

He continued, “I’ve been on the other end of a phone call from my team asking for my help because we had received a call from the Department of Homeland Security, telling us that a 7-year-old girl was being sexually abused and that content was being spread on the Dark Web … They’d watched her for three years and they could not find the perpetrator, [and were] asking us for help. We were the last line of defense. An actor and his foundation were the last line of defense.”

“I had to say no and it devastated me, it haunted me,” Kutcher said, choking up again. “For the next three months I had to go to sleep every night and think about that little girl that was being abused and the fact that if I built the right thing, we could have saved her. Now, if I got that phone call, the answer would be yes.”

He then recalled the story of “Amy,” a 15-year-old girl from Oakland, Calif., who was forced into trafficking within hours of meeting a man in person she’d first talked to online. “This isn’t an isolated incident. There’s not much that’s unusual about it,” Kutcher said. “The only unusual thing is that ‘Amy’ was found and returned to her family within three days using a tool we created … called Spotlight.”

Kutcher said the tool aids police in cutting investigation time by 60 percent, adding, “That’s my day job and I’m sticking to it.”

It wasn’t all heavy: Kutcher and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) had a lighthearted moment after his speech. “You were better looking in the movies,” McCain said.

Kutcher, blowing McCain, 80, a kiss, replied, “My wife says that, too.””

Slavery is still alive and well in the world, and he is helping to stamp it out.

There’s the “what’s his expertise on the subject” you guys were asking for…

February 19 2017

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Admire my fox and her cute boyfriend! She’s too pretty for words and I’m getting nothing done when she’s around aaaahhh

February 18 2017

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Honestly I love my dads and if you don’t like it we can fight~

this is such a great photo set


me walking onstage at an academic conference: [taps microphone] Is this thing on? Oh, good. Hi. Hello. I just wanted to say that if Magic Mike is about exploring the intoxication, danger, and ultimate moral degradation wrought by American capitalism, personified in the form of Dallas (named to evoke a certain particularly masculine and individualist form of Americanness), who presents as seductive and flattering but is ultimately revealed to be mercenary, self-interested, manipulative, dishonest, and avaricious, then Magic Mike XXL, it made me a new person, is about the importance of imagining a joyful and egalitarian space beyond the reaches of capitalism. Magic Mike XXL opens with Tarzan saying, Dallas is gone, and although we learn that this was a joke and Dallas, like any successful corporate empire, is merely busy expanding his enterprise overseas, the movie encourages to consider the value of living, if only temporarily, as if Dallas is gone, that is to say, as if the strictures that bound us into roles for which we were not suited and which we did not enjoy performing (e.g., the fireman routine, bestowed upon—this is crucial as an example of the cruelty of the ownership class—someone who in fact is afraid of fire) have evaporated, replaced by a fundamentally different organizing force (symbolized by foreign-named and female Rome and Paris). and we are now free to imagine ourselves and our relationships as they might be if created wholly of our own design (e.g. maybe we want to erotically dance in celebration of our admiration for romantic commitment and our free-spirited intensity in the moment of sexual consummation instead of being a fireman). The fact that it is functionally a sports movie with no stakes further points to the film’s desire to undermine the artificial elevation of competition in American culture, suggesting that the humanly deigned possibility of “loss” could, in a post-patriarchal utopia—

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the brilliant dog

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(via Justin Jorgensen)
“In 2007 I worked with photographers Williams + Hirakawa to create a concept piece of me sleeping on a sheet cake. I though these cakes looked like pillows, and there’s the obvious play on ‘sweet dreams.’

I wondered if I could fall asleep on a cake and have sweet dreams. I didn’t. It was pretty gross really and wasn’t easy to wash off.

A few years later, outtakes from the shoot were sold to Getty Images as stock photos. I didn’t know this until 2011 when one of those photos made #13 on the wildly popular Buzzffed.com list of “60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos.”

Into 2014, the Getty Image photo continues to make the rounds on Facebook and Tumblr.”

i can’t believe i leveled up enough to unlock cake pillow guy’s backstory

I can’t believe the “sweet dreams” joke didn’t occur to me

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When you’re going to the movies and you have to sneak all of your snacks in your asshole and your friend asks for a bottle of water:

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lol, i literally did that earlier today

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Don Bluth only knew how to draw one man, but dammit he wasn’t gonna let that stop him.

To be fair, he knew how to draw two men

my absolute favourite thing about this post is that it says “knew” as if don bluth isn’t still alive asfdkjdgl


Do you ever look at your old art and just

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Bob the golden retriever is best friends with eight birds and a hamster.

(photos via @bob_goldenretriever/imgur)


Forever reblog




If you don’t believe being asexual has any negative affect on people I was told by a psychiatrist that none of my relationships count because we didn’t have sex, and I can’t say I’m gay since I don’t want to have sex with girls.

and I was taken off my antidepressants because they may be lowering the libido I never had in the first place (plus various other reasons, but still immediately, cold turkey, which should NEVER happen unless they’re switching you to something else)

But aphobia doesn’t exist and asexuals are privileged, right?

Sorry to add to this but I wanted to say since I’ve had bad experiences with mental health professionals and biphobia, I usually get asked “but are you sure you are sexually attracted to both sexes, are you sure it’s not just an emotional attraction?!” Like my dude don’t you think I can tell the difference between wanting to date someone and wanting to be friends? Also, due to be gray ace 90% of the time I am not even attracted to anyone but like sure, make me feel guilty that I can’t “prove” my bisexuality.

Sorry too but to add on, being aro isn’t much different. I told my therapist and she was immediately concerned that my meds were repressing “all my emotions” and wanted to take me off them. My insurance ran out and I went off them bc of no money before that happened. She also suggested dating someone anyway to “fix” the “issue” and expressed concern that my emotions (romantic feelings) weren’t present because “I’m suspicious and untrusting of everyone and don’t want to try hard enough.”

Having your orientation medicalized and invalidated is bad enough, but its fucking dangerous to have your meds taken away because you’re not performing relationships the way some doctor thinks you’re required to.




you have staying power in people’s lives. I’ll say it again: you have staying power in people’s lives.

you exist. you have a presence in your best friend’s life. you have impacted their life. you exist to them regardless of whether or not you’re in contact with them at this very second. in the course of their day, they will see things that can (and have) reminded them of you. they think about you. they miss you when you’re not there.

you’re not a nebulous creature that has no sway in another person’s life. no, my treasure, you are a person who is full of personality, light, love and interests shared in common with the people you most care about.

I know what you feel, but I promise you.

You matter, objectively, to the people who love you. They’re not going to forget about you. You are not disposable.

i needed to hear this tonight. thank you.

i haven’t gotten out in weeks. i tried today and i was ditched.

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